Forest Hill Physiotherapy & Health Centre has added a variety of classes to our services. These classes range from aerobic, anaerobic, interval training, boxing, yoga, and pilates. These classes are geared toward individuals looking to prevent injury, increase physcial fitness, weight loss, and/or optimizing your whole health. Regardless of your physical fitness level, we offer classes from the beginner to the advanced levels. Our instructors are all primary health care practitioners or certified personal trainers.

Our classes are Semi-Private ranging from 5-6 people per class. This makes that class more personal and geared towards proper functionality and mechanics. We want to make sure you are exercising smart!

Not sure what classes would be best for you?

Here is what we suggest:

First: Purchase our 20 Day Unlimited Class Package. This gives you 20 days to try out any of our classes throughout this period to see which best suits your body and mind.

Package can be purchased in the clinic. Classes can be booked online, while payment is taken at your first visit.



Second: We offer complimentary orientations and consultations to all our clients/patients with our health care practitioners. These are 20 Minute sessions geared to help address your concerns and guide you the the most appropriate service and/or class based on your current health and previous history. This will allow your experience with us to be more personal, gearing your success the right way!




Third: After completing our 20 day package and meeting with some of our health care professionals, you will have a better understanding what your body needs in order to optimize your whole health. This may include continuing with our class memberships, or addressing specific goals, injuries, or concerns on a more personal level with our multidisciplinary team. 



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