Custom Fit Bracing

Whether you experience pain in the knees, back, hands, elbows or shoulders, Bauerfeind braces are designed to restore mobility and improve performance. They are made from an anatomically knitted breathable fabric with visco-elastic inserts. Weather you are a professional athlete or someone seeking a more active and healthy lifestyle, these custom fit braces will help to control, stabilize or immobilize a joint. Braces range from stabilizing, functional support, or multifunction mobility and suppot.

Come is and speak with our Physiotherapist to see which brace is best suited to your needs.

Compression Stockings

Bauerfeind's compression stockings are designed to provide long term medical effectiveness and excellent wearing comfort. The assortment includes different designs, colors and compression levels to fit different life styles. Manufactured with premium quality double covered yarns, all Bauerfeind stocking products are designed to provide controlled gradient compression providing maximum pressure at the ankles, decreasing gradually going up the leg. Bauerfeind stockings provide effective relief for a wide range of conditions, from tired, achy legs and varicose veins to more severe problems such as chronic venous insufficiency.

Come in and speak with our Physiotherapist to see which stockings are best suited to your needs.


Custom Orthotics

At Forest Hill Physiotherapy & Health Centre customize prescription orthotics using state-of-the-art materials and technology in both the orthotic insert and the customized topcover. We use 3D technology to help design efficient, comfortable prescription orthotics that gently reduce strain associated with pressure points, muscle tension and abnormal forces on the ankles, knees, hips and spine. We use Footmaxx Orthotics to fabricate your custom design using semi-rigid durable materials that will help support your gait with all types of activities.

Come in and speak with our Physiotherapist to see if you are a candidate for orthotics. 


NFH is a Canadian nutraceutical company devoted to the integration and application of nutraceutical science in clinical practice. NFH produce herbal, vitamin and mineral formulations of the highest quality forexclusive use by licensed healthcare practitioners. They focus on formulations with optimal efficacy combined with patient safety. 

Choosing the best nutraceutical for patient is about confidence in your prescription. NFH's integrative, innovative and evidence-based approach allows you to have that confidence in efficacy, safety, optimal absorption and thoughtfulness in the synergism of our formulations.

enVy Pillows

enVy pillows are Chiropractic-endorsed therapeutic neck pillows designed to support your head, neck, shoulders and spine for optimal alignment.

Their patented 'Off-Your-Face' design is ideal for TMJ pain sufferers as it minimizes Face-to-Pillow contact, which also helps prevent sleep lines/sleep wrinkles. The pillows are made with LuxFeel memory foam for great support and a soft feel.

PowerPlay Cold Compression

PowerPlay products combine the benefits of both cold therapy and compression therapy for optimal results. It is effective in decreasing pain, muscle spasms, and swelling in injured joints and muscles. They also stimulate tissue healing, increase blood flow and delivery of oxygen to the site, and mimic the body's natural muscle contractions.

Available to rent from our clinic.

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