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To our wonderful FHP patients & clients. Although we have re-opened our doors to in person appointments with our regulated health care practitioners, we are still offering virtual appointments for patients that are high risk or prefer to continue treatment in this manner. Patients that are deemed emergent and non-emergent are able to now book their appointments and have in person treatment with the following services: Physiotherapy, Chiropractic, Massage Therapy, Naturopathy, Psychotherapy and Acupuncture. 

For existing patients and patients who had their appointments cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, you will receive an email with details about return to in person appointments as well as continued tele-rehabilitation options from your current practitioners at our clinic.

During these uncertain times, keeping with social distancing, and health and safety top of mind, Forest Hill Physiotherapy & Health Centre have gone above and beyond the Ministry of Health and College regulations to keep you safe and healthy, while getting the care you need. Here are some guidelines we have set in place to make you feel safe:

Screening Patients: An electronic copy in the link below will be sent to you the day before your scheduled appointment.

You will also be called to confirm your appointment the day before and reminded to fill this out. If unable to get the questionnaire completed, you will be prompted at the clinic on your arrival with similar questions before your appointment.

Masks: Masks will be mandatory for all patients and practitioners to wear upon entering the clinic. If you arrive without your own mask, we will have re-usable/washable masks available or disposable masks for purchase.

Masks from Olive+Splash a wonderful local company will be sold at our facility. Link below

Physical Distancing: We are asking all patients to please arrive on time for your appointments. Please do not arrive ahead of time as we are minimizing infection risk in higher traffic areas, ie: waiting room/reception area. If you enter the clinic on time and there is 'traffic' at the front, we have designated standing areas on the floor with markers to stand 2+ meters apart. If you arrive early, you will be asked to return at the appropriate time. We also ask that all patients arrive on their own without accompaniment, unless physically necessary, or accompanying a minor for consent only. We have also re-arranged our waiting room to seating minimum 2 meters from each other in our front office rather than our reception area.

Hand Hygiene: We ask that all patients wash their hands before and after each appointment. Our staff will all be doing the same. All equipment, treatment tables, tools, and modalities are all sanitized between each patient as well. All linens and towel are also 1 time use before they are sent to the wash. There is hand sanitizer in each room, main reception, and upon entrance to the clinic, however it is not a substitution of washing your hands. 

Clinic Hygiene: Are staff are dedicated to disinfect high traffic and treatment spaces areas thoroughly throughout the day to maximize infection control

Apparel and Belongings: We ask that all patients arrive for their appointment with the appropriate wear and minimize all non-essential possessions and personal belonging brought into the clinic.

Contactless Payment Options: Our front desk is outfitted with a plexiglass barrier for your and our protection. We have offer direct billing to all major insurance companies to make the checkout process as smooth as possible for you. If required to pay, we have a Moneris machine that you may tap up to $100, or manually input of all credit cards via Moneris or square POS systems. We are accepting cash if all else fails.

If you have any questions or concerns about our policies, please do not hesitate to contact us or ask any of our staff.

Electronic Forms

Forms to be filled out by all new patients to our clinic:

Consent forms below are for individual services, to be filled out on your first appointment with each service.

Forms to be filled out by patients that would like to sign-up for direct billing with extended health care insurance benefits.

Forms to be filled out by patients that are booked for their first virtual tele-rehab appointment with their practitioner.

Health & Safety

Virtual Appointments

Message to our Patients

          To our wonderful FHP patients & clients. We closed our doors on March 19th, 2020 due to the COVID-19 virus pandemic. Regrettably this comes as no surprise with the growing concern for the health and wellness of our community and beyond. 


          We feel we need to do everything possible to support our patients but also protect our overall healthcare system at this time. We are amazed and proud to be part of a community that has taken social distancing seriously.  For those who are working in essential services or on the front line, supporting them with social distancing and self-isolation is the most active way you can help.

          We thank everyone who has been supporting our business over the years, this is unfortunately not what we foresaw our 6 year anniversary in this community to be, but we hope to see everyone on the other side of this and be part of the community for many more anniversaries to come.  We also want to thank our AMAZING team once again.  This year has thrown more curveballs than we could have imagined and we are so lucky to have you all in our FHP family.

          We are able to now re-open as of June 1 2020 and have been overwhelmed by the level of support from our wonderful FHP community for your continued support and patronage! The recently announced lockdown that is being imposed on November 23rd 2020 will not affect our services. All of our regulated health care practitioners will remain open and continue to provide the care you need during this time.
From all of us at FHP: Thank You.

Virtual Appointments

If you choose to forgo in-person treatments with our health care practitioners, many or our services can be conducted virtually, including: Physiotherapy, Chiropractic, Naturopathy, Pilates, Yoga, & Personal Training.

Please feel free to contact us and let us know how we can help you through our virtual clinic.

During our virtual sessions we will be able to:

  • Assess your symptoms through range of movement, and functional movements via video conferencing

  • Discuss treatment options and plans

  • Educate on movements, positions, and possible restrictions

  • Demonstrate and guide you through exercises through our Kinesiologists

  • Answer any questions regards your health care needs

  • Discuss help pain management techniques - Ice/Heat, TENS, positional aid

  • Demonstrate self treatment techniques - muscular release, fascial stretch positions, PNF stretching

  • Order any equipment and get it shipped to you (ie. Small exercise equipment, treatment aids, ambulatory aids, pain management machines, braces, etc)

Message to our Patients
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