"I recently had an hour physio session with Chris. I injured my shoulder a number of months back and finally decided to get some professional opinion on it. Chris was fantastic. He was very thorough with his assessment and took the time to explain to me what exactly he was testing/looking for as he examined my shoulder. He was also really good at putting things into layman's terms after explaining the medical terms of the ligaments/muscles he was testing. What I really appreciated was how actionable some of the exercises that he gave me afterwards were too. He even spent a few extra minutes (beyond the allotted time) showing me strengthening exercises and the proper techniques to do them.
If you're looking for a good physio place to try out in this area, I'd definitely recommend them. I've got a follow-up appointment booked for next week!"     -PETER-



"I have visited Forest Hill Physiotherapy on two different occasion and have nothing but rave reviews. Each member of their team is very personable and friendly. They are also willing to provide you with tips and tricks even if you are not there to see them directly. Both times I have had appointments with Talia, RMT. She took time to figure out exactly what I was there for, what I done/received treatments for in the past and what my level of comfort is. She created, on the spot, an approach to help deal with a car accident injury that happened 4 years ago. Until meeting Talia I cannot say that I have ever felt relief for longer than a few days after a treatment or message, but after my first appointment I was still feeling no pain for about a month afterwards. She was very careful to measure my threshold and ensure that I knew what she was doing if it was something different. For my second appointment, I had to reschedule last minute due to a horrible sunburn and they did so with no issue and a lot of understanding. Talia even provided me with some great tips on dealing with a horrible sunburn and suggestions for what we could do to help sooth them during our next appointment. It's always a great experience and I would 100% recommend them, especially Talia! She's amazing!"     -MELANIE-



"I came here for a 60 minute RMT massage. My massage therapist was Emerito Reyes and he was fantastic. He was able to lightening and strengthen pressure according to how I was responding, as well as use the appropriate type of pressure (broad vs specific) since I am very ticklish. He was able to locate my stress points were and why they were affecting different parts of my body. He focused on my most knotty areas (heh!) and I will be booking a follow up appointment with him to continue working out these areas.!"     -GRACE-

"I've been seeing Chris for the last year or so, it started when I was working with a personal trainer and got injured. Working with Chris has been an amazing experience, he takes time to carefully go through yours issues and explain to you in plain English what the problem is. The entire team is super friendly, and are available for follow up questions if you have any. Now when I start working with a new personal trainer, I make sure they contact Chris before they design their exercises."     -ANDREW-

"Dr. Peter Miele is Excellent. Amazing at his job. Elegant, beautiful offices. Friendly welcoming staff. Completely happy with my experience at Forest Hill Physiotherapy and Health Centre!"     -MARION-

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