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          Forest Hill & the Eglinton Way is a vibrant and beautiful community which we love to be apart of, and the reason is the people and the small businesses. We support local business, shop local, and have become a support network much like a second family. That being said, we have noticed fist hand the amount of support during these uncertain times for our local business community, ourselves included. The affect of COVID-19 and its impact in our businesses is being felt, and we all need your help! Businesses are closed, and we are doing what we can to still service our communities as best we can, while abiding by social distancing to help our front line workers and their brave sacrifice they are making to keep us healthy.

         We ask that you help us and other local businesses along the Eglinton Way that you service at the best of times during these worst of times, by purchasing a gift card to be used for any of our services and products.

Show your community some love and share in the great pride we have for our local community while helping our businesses in this time of need.

          We thank you for your time, support, and continued patronage to your local businesses!


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          The Eglinton Way is our local business improvement area (BIA) non-profit organization that has been advocating for our local community to stay vibrant, beautiful, and to help promote our local small businesses! They are contantly finding new ways to help our businesses, looking to get the community active and involved, and building a neighbourhood we can all be proud of being a part of. Below is a link to their website with resources for you: keeping you informed on whats open still in the area, supporting our community with local online shopping and take out, and helpful information for small business owners!

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